Sunday, February 25, 2007

Comments from Brian

Brian has wanted to comment on many of my blogs for quite some time now but he did not have a Google account. He created a Google account but has now forgotten his password. So here is a list of the comments he would be making if he could.

My Funny Valentine: The first picture was not of Lee Merriwether as Cat Woman it was of the original Bat Girl.

I'm With Stupid: My typing is not nearly that slow. It is more like click, click, click,, click, click,click. The answers to the questions are A, E, C and C. And I don't care if she watches Spanish television as long as I don't have to.

The C-O-E-I-N: Cainan now also likes to spell N-I-N-O-N or sometimes N-I-O-N-G for "bath".

The Scientific Explanation: I told her to stay back and I apologized for her injuries and the subsequent hole in the bottom of the trash can that occurred from the improper disposal of the chemical waste.

General: I don't like that picture of her in the profile, it is too serious. She says it is the only decent one she can find so I keep taking new pictures of her that she could use but she doesn't like any of them either. I'll keep trying.

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