Thursday, February 15, 2007

My Funny Valentine

We had a great Valentine's Day. It was another snow day so Brian and Ryker got to stay home with us all day. Unfortunately Ryker was sick all day on the couch, but the rest of us really enjoyed the day. I made the traditional Grove Valentine Breakfast (heart shaped pancakes with chocolate chip smiles and scrambled eggs) and we gave the kids their gifts and I passed out the cards I had made. We spent the day just hanging out together, watching TV, reading, and playing in the snow (Cainan and Brian only). Then that evening Brian and I exchanged our gifts. Ironically we both got each other CD's. Anyway, all that is just the setting for the real story. Brian disappeared into the office for at least an hour and said he was making my card. When he finally delivered it I realized it was time well spent. It was the funniest Valentine I have ever received, and one of the sweetest too. I won't give you all the details but...

He downloaded and printed pictures of women that he...likes, admires, enjoys watching on TV, etc...and wrote a poem about how they don't even compare to me. He had pictures of Cat Woman (Lee Merriwether), Cat Woman (Michelle Pfifer), Ashley Judd, Melina Kanakaredes, Xena Warrior Princess, Princess Leia (you can guess from which scene), and the creme de la creme, Nicole Kidman. The last page of the booklet/card said that I was the one he would choose over all of the others (that's a paraphase), then he closed with this picture of me, supposedly the only one he could find.

Now you see why I was laughing.

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Jill Tilley said...

That is so sweet and hilarious! Glad you have such a great valentine.