Thursday, February 22, 2007


Last night the kids had their Valentine parties at church (a week late since church was cancelled last week due to the snow). They both came home with gift bags full of goodies and wishes of love. I told them they could eat one treat before bed and Cainan started digging around for the perfect bedtime snack. He pulled out a small flat rectangular piece of candy in a red wrapper. He looked at it for awhile and seemed to be contemplating whether or not to eat it. I asked if he needed help opening it and when he handed it to me he said, very solemnly, "Will it blow up me?" Then I noticed the name of the candy...Air Heads. There is a commercial on TV where kids eat Air Heads and their heads blow up like balloons and they float away. Wow! Marketing works. This kid can't even read and he not only knows the name of the candy but remembers the commercial. Of course that particular ad also made him afraid to eat the candy so maybe it wasn't the best idea.

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