Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Recipe Swap

I am still so far behind on LOST. We watched the episode from 3 weeks ago last night but I still have two episodes to catch up on. On a positive note, my DSL was repaired yesterday so I can actually watch an entire episode online without it kicking me off every 10 minutes. Thank goodness.

So...since I have no LOST review again today I will ask you a question. I am participating in a recipe swap this Friday at MOPS. Out of sheer laziness I want to print off recipes that I've put on this blog so that I don't have to type anything up again. So....

What is your favorite recipe that I have ever shared on this blog?

It can be any type of recipe from dessert to bread to main dish. If you can't remember them all just search under the "recipes" category on the sidebar. Leave a comment on this post and I'll swap the recipes that get the top votes.

Thanks for your help.


CZ said...

I use (and LOVE) the whole wheat oatmeal banana pancakes!

James said...

I just made your plain cheesecake (added in chocolate chips) and it was delicious.


Jill said...

Yeah, cheesecakes are your specialty, but any dessert would be good.