Thursday, March 25, 2010


This has been a brutal winter for Kinley. Her hair is getting so long that it is a complete nest of static-y tangles. The screaming matches we go through every time I have to comb it are horrendous. I had to step in with an intervention!

That's when my friend Carrie introduced me to the blog It's a Girl Thing. This lady has two little girls and she does the most adorable, complicated, beautiful hair-dos on them all of the time. She then proceeds to post step by step instructions and pictures to illustrate how to accomplish each style. It's awesome!

I've been scouring the site for styles that will control Kinley's hair, keep it from getting all tangled and still look cute and girly. I was resorting to double inside out french braids or simple ponytails most of the time, but now I've got a whole repertoire of exciting new hair-dos. Here are three that I've done (and remembered to take pictures of):
This is the first one I tried. It is just two inside out french braids on the top half of her head. They then crossover into two messy buns on the opposite side. So simple and so cute.
Next, I switched up to three inside out french braids going in to one messy bun in the back. This time I left the braids in and just let them be a part of the bun as well. I really like this one.
Most recently I tried a "headband". It's basically making a head band out of hair instead of putting in some kind of fabric or elastic headband that will fall out all day long. This one consists of a puffy braid headband all the way around the head.Then at the bottom in the back it branches off in to two pigtails.
People keep asking me how I get her to hold still for all of these 'dos. It's simple: #1: She is a girly girl, so she loves getting new fancy hair-dos. #2: Dora is on TV 53 times a day. 'Nuff said.
When we get the styles finished she loves to use my hand mirror and check it out. Her reaction:

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