Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Beyond Lost

Well, for the first time this season I have the time, opportunity and motivation to review last night's episode of LOST and I don't even know what to say. I am beyond lost. I am not even on the map...of course neither is the island. But here is what I think, as flawed as it may be:

The bad vs. evil theme is becoming more and more prominent. Richard's backstory last night (finally!) was proof enough of that. BTW, two great examples of priests, huh? Geesh! Anyway, I didn't believe The Man in Black story about Jacob being the devil for one minute. I knew he was just manipulating Richard the same we he has manipulated Ben, Whidmore, Locke and others. I don't think Man in black is the devil either though. It just doesn't make sense.

I think that it is more likely that Man in Black is the head demon and Jacob is the head angel. Neither one of them has enough power to be the actual Devil or God. And God is a pretty tough customer but I'm pretty sure he wouldn't beat some poor guy to a pulp and try to drown him. We haven't seen the end of this eternal battle on the island yet. It almost seems like a Garden of Eden set up or something. Weird.

So here is what I think. Jacob and Blackie are stuck on this island running their little original sin experiment and the Dharma Initiative people show up and start recruiting and bringing people to the island in droves. Great for the experiment. The Dharma people run their own human and animal experiments, not realizing the supernatural battle that they are participating in as well. It all goes to pieces when Ben murders them all and joins up with The Others and starts running the island. Jacob banishes Whidmore, for reasons that are still unclear, maybe just because he is "no longer a candidate", and lets Ben think he is in charge until Locke shows up and he uses him instead. However, it almost seems like Blackie has been using Ben and, obviously, Locke, not Jacob. I think Blackie was using Jacob as an excuse just like he did when talking to Richard. So confusing.

On another note, as a Spanish teacher/speaker it was fun to have an entire episode almost spoken in Spanish, and it was great to see Richard's heartbreaking backstory. I'm now waiting for more of Ilana's story. Why ask someone in a bodycast in the hospital on death's door to be a bodyguard for 6 other people? Once again...weird, but I'm sure there is a perfectly logical reason for it all, right? I also have no idea how the alternate reality where there is no plane crash fits in to all of this, if it does at all. Wow, they've got a lot to wrap up in just 7 little episodes. But I've got faith they can do it....I think.

What do you think?


Heather J. said...

"Wow, they've got a lot to wrap up in just 7 little episodes." Yeah, I'm getting a bit concerned about this myself ...

kisatrtle said...

I don't think they will wrap up the sideways flashes. I think both will end. This is how life turned out in the crash world and this is how life turned out in the non crash world.

I'm wondering where Rose, Bernard and Vincent are? Will their storyline just remain happy in their own world in the forest? Dying of cancer in LA?

Looking forward to a Sun centric episode next week but she better not die before she gets to see Jin!

My recap is up here

Jill said...

Just watched the show and then headed here to read your opinion. I did like all the Spanish. (I'm trying to relearn it and it was fun to be able to catch a few lines here and there without looking at the subtitles.) Other than that, I'm just confused. What did his dead wife mean by we're already together? And did she really tell Hurley to tell Richard to stop MIB or is Hurley finally asserting his own will at this point?