Thursday, April 2, 2009

What Happened, Happened

It was great to finally find out why, and with whom, Kate left Aaron. I have to admit I was more than a little disturbed (as in yelling at the TV) when I thought that Kate was going to leave him with Cassidy (the human lie detector). It was just too much. I loved seeing Kate really love Aaron and struggle with leaving him. It was nice to see the mother in her come out.

I was shocked to hear that Kate believes Claire is still alive. And may I just digress for a moment to say that they must have found Emilie de Ravin's sister to play the role of the lady in the supermarket. Didn’t she look just like Claire, with just a few facial differences? Cool. I halfway believed something ghostly was going on for a minute. Anyway….I was always unclear as to what exactly happened to Claire. I pretty much thought she was dead and operating in the ghostly realms of Jacob and Christian….which may still turn out to be true…..but I didn’t realize that the Losties thought she was still alive and just disappeared.

If Kate’s entire reason for coming back was to find Claire then that should lead us to some more answers about her and Jacob and Christian. Maybe not this season (I don’t see how they can stuff much more in to this season), but for sure next season. Although, it is possible that Sun and Frank will run in to her still in the coming weeks. Am I talking in circles? This show does that to me.

Thank goodness for Hurley! Not only does he add a lot of much needed comic relief on the show but the writers finally threw us a bone and had Hurley go ahead and ask all of the questions that the rest of us have been pondering for weeks now. (They even threw in the Back to the Future disappearing theory. Those guys definitely read the message boards.) Not that it did a lot of good, but hey, it was a nice attempt.

It did kind of make sense, in a weird time-warpy sort of way, when Miles said that the Losties past and future all happened before their present. That is why it can’t change. It already happened, so it’s over and done. They can only change their present and the present and future of those around them. Of course Hurley blew a hole in that theory when he asked why past Ben didn’t remember Sayid in the future. I guess that was explained later in the show when Richard said that Ben wouldn't remember any of this happening. But, knowing Ben, I wouldn't be surprised if he probably did remember Sayid, and everybody else, and just didn’t let on.

I guess they did prove that whatever happened, happened, though. Even though the circumstances are different, Ben still ended up with the Others and still lost his innocence. That was going to happen no matter what. I do find it ironic that Juliette and Kate think that people that live as nomads in the rain forest will have some kind of brilliant surgeon or operating equipment that can save dying Ben. Or maybe they were thinking more along mystical lines the whole time, I don’t know.

I was really happy that Jack didn’t operate on Ben this time. It’s just too ridiculous for them to ask him to save him….again. Like he said, he’s been there and done that. Nice way to lay the blame on Kate too. That wasn’t real chivalrous, but it was the truth.

Apparently everyone was very aware that Kate and Sawyer had quite a thing going…..everyone but me that is. I guess I was just in denial because I wanted her to be with Jack so badly. It seems like in this episode Jack admits that Kate never really loved him, Sawyer admits that he did jump off the chopper because he was afraid of his budding relationship with Kate, Kate admits (not in so many words) that she loved Sawyer. However, Sawyer also admits to loving (or at least having feelings for) Juliette. I’m not sure where Jack stands right now. He could go either way. It’s a toss up between Kate and Juliette at this point. Oh, what a tangled web they weave.

So, what will the future hold? (Boy, that's stupid question to ask about this show!)

We know that Ben will massacre all of the Dharma people, but that won’t be for several more years. Maybe the Losties will be gone by then. (Of course all of the Dharma people could die of something else. This episode proves that result has to be the same but the methods can differ greatly.)

Locke is back and confronting Ben. Ben tells him that he has come back to be judged. I really don’t know what that means or what it entails, but I’m sure it’ll be very interesting.

We found out that Charles Whidmore and Eloise Hawking are still on the island in 1977, and Richard is kind of a rogue guy operating without their permission. I’m sure they will come back in to play before the season ends.

We also have to find out more about Sun and Frank, Daniel Farraday and Christian and Claire. Desmond, Penny, Rose, Bernard, hello? Anyone?

For more interesting (and concise) theories check out the LOST Books Challenge.


Heather J. said...

“So, what will the future hold? (Boy, that's stupid question to ask about this show!)” HA!

Farraday – I’m thinking that’s he’s hanging out with his mom, Ellie, and that’s why he sends Desmond to her in the future – that’s why she knows what to do. What do you think?

newlyweds said...

Oh my, how could I forget to watch?????? I feel so stupid. ugh!

Kacie said...

you're like the ONLY person who agrees with me, then! We might have different reasons though - it sounds like you like Jack. I didn't even like Jack in the first season - I've always been a Sawyer fan, and I think he and Kate understand each other in a way that Jack and Kate never will. Your thoughts?

Sarah Eliza @ devastateboredom said...

Good point about the Losties just thinking Claire disappeared... who was it that saw her in the cabin? Locke, was it? I always figured she was alive though, or at least as much not-dead as Christian is lol.

I didn't necessarily feel like this episode showed Kate as a good mother though... I felt like it showed her as restless with motherhood, and then discarding Aaron once she realized she had kept him selfishly in the beginning. I mean, she's the only family he's got you know? To be like, "baby, go to Grandma" and then hurry off, without even really knowing what kind of person "Grandma" is, doesn't seem all that motherly to me... But yeah, I was relieved she didn't leave him with Cassidy too.

Excited about the show tonight!! I have no idea what to expect. :P