Thursday, April 16, 2009

Some Like It Hoth *Updated*

As soon as I saw the title of the episode I knew there was going to be a Star Wars connection in there somewhere. I think it is hilarious, and so typical, that Hurley would be trying to write The Empire Strikes Back...with a few improvements. I'm sure George Lucas will be thrilled. And although I don't agree with the sentiment, I think the award for funniest line of the night once again goes to Hurley for, "Let's face it. Ewoks suck dude."

This episode didn't really accomplish a lot story wise but it was nice to have our suspicions confirmed that Miles really is Dr. Chang's son. It was nice of the writers to let Hurley, once again, ask the questions about Marvin Candle/Dr. Chang's name changes, that we've all been asking for a while now. Too bad Miles didn't have an answer. I did enjoy seeing a little more of Miles' back story. We never really did find out why he has his "gift" though, did we?

Of course we also got our first look at the building of the hatch and the first inkling that electromagnetism is going to start causing a lot of problems on the addition to pulling fillings through one's brain. I think the biggest thing that happened in this episode is that Daniel Farraday is back!!! Wooo Hooo! I have no idea how he left or how he got back, but I'm thrilled that he is here because he seems to be the only one that has this time travel thing under control and can remember everything and everyone from all time periods that he has visited. It things are going to get straightened out in the space-time continuum then I think Daniel is the man for the job.

I also assume that Juliette's "Well. Here we go," was a reference to the beginning of the war with the hostiles. This must be the incident that starts it all. No surprise that Roger would be the one to stir it all up. Boy, I really don't like that guy. Almost makes me feel sorry for Ben...almost.

The big question raised in this episode was, "Who is Dram?" I have no clue who he is working for. Ben would be the logical conclusion...or Eloise Hawking maybe? I know it'll all be cleared up in time, it's just more waiting. We should be good at that by now.

*Updated* Apparently Dram/Bram/guy driving black van is one of the guys on the island helping Ilana. I didn't even recognize him. They are now affectionately being called "The Shadow of the Statue Crew" since the term "Others" was already taken.

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Heather J. said...

I loved all the Star Wars connections - what fun!

As for Dram, someone posted a comment on today's post at the LOST Books Challenge with a great theory on that.

This episode was a great one in my book, but I'm not so excited about next week's clip show ...

Kacie said...

Yep... I also think that the shadow of the statue crew are original inhabitants of the island.... and I think Richard Alpert is as well! You can read that post here:

Sarah Eliza @ devastateboredom said...

I *loved* all the Star Wars references, and Hurley really is such a gem lol.

I vote that Ilana and her lil club of shadowies are working for Eloise. She's the only one we've seen with the know-how to put them on that plane and get them to the island...

Is the 'war' you mentioned in regards to Juliet the one Widmore told Locke about? Because if so, I'm pretty sure that one is going to happen in the present... right?

And my feeling is that Daniel probably got off the island the same way he got back, via the sub? I'm assuming that sometime in the last three years he went off on some mission/assignment for the Dharma-ites, and is returning rather unexpectedly... but I guess we'll see!

My biggest questions are definitely the one about Ilana and her origins, and then what's in the shadow of that dang statue... watch it be the end of *next* season before we get any answers on that one :P