Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Easter Finery

Contrary to what this post said, I didn't completely forget about my Easter dress. I did end up finding some fabric eventually and making a really cute dress. (Unfortunately this is the best picture I have of it. Yes, I am talking instead of smiling, but Kinley had her eyes we went with this shot.)

This one was much easier than the jacket I made last year. It literally only had 6 pieces and was a snap to put together. The only thing that made it a little more dificult was the fabric. It was way too shear so I had to essentially make two dresses, one as a lining for the other one. But other than that is was no big deal at all. I didn't even break a needle!!
Here are all 3 of the kids on Easter morning....after the infamous egg hunt. Can you tell we went with a teal theme this year?
I do have a question for you sewing types out there though. If you don't have a dressmakers dummy how do you sew based on measurements?

I didn't fit all 3 measurements for any one size listed on the back of the pattern, so I made the one I thought would be closest, but I still had to take it in by 4 inches on the top. Could I have avoided this? Is there a way to translate your actual measurements to a pattern before cutting out the fabric pieces?
I've never had a sewing class or anything so I usually just fly by the seat of my pants and follow the directions as best I can, but sometimes I just really don't know alternate ways to do things. Any help?

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