Thursday, February 5, 2009

Jin Again

Is it just me or was last night's episode somewhat...predictable? (...a word I have never used in referring to LOST before, I must say.)

I don't think anyone was surprised that Claire's mom was in the hotel room or that the lawyer works for Ben. (Although that does raise the question of what Ben has to do with Claire's mom, if anything.) Also no shock that the french kids in the life raft were Danielle and her crew or that the male nurse was secretly an assassin out to dart Sayid yet again.

However, in true LOST style, we are left with a few new mysteries.

Who was in the boat shooting at Sawyer and the gang as they paddled around the island?
Does Sun have some reason (other than the glaringly obvious ones) to kill Ben?
Will Daniel be able to stop all of the nosebleeds?
How is Locke going to die?
Has Miles been on the island before? How? How many times?

I don't expect the answers to most of these for quite some time, but we'll see.

I was thrilled to see Jin alive. It should be interesting to see how a Korean who doesn't know anything about the time travel thing and a bunch of French kids that slowly go crazy and die are going to interact and communicate. Judging from the scenes from next week Ben is still in touch with what is going on back on the island and will prove to Sun that Jin is alive. (Flashback to when we thought he had been killed on the beach because Jack was beating Ben to pulp.)

I still feel like the Daniel/Charlotte relationship is going to have some surprises in it. When she woke up from her time travelling coma and heard his name she blossomed like a rose. Something is going on there. It may be brother/sister or boyfriend/girlfriend or mad scientist/unfortunate lab rat. We'll see.

I missed Desmond and Penny this week. Unfortunately with characters scattered throughout the world, and the space-time continuum, it is hard to get everyone in one episode. I hope we get back to the Mrs. Hawking storyline next week.

Most exciting event of the night: Juliette's nosebleed! (My husband is totally infatuated with her so......I kind of hate her.) I thought he might cry when she started hemorrhaging. :)

I feel sorry for the actors that now have to live and shoot their scenes in Los Angeles instead of Hawaii. What a bummer. See, there are perks to staying on the island...even if you do have to get a few nosebleeds now and then.


~*Michelle*~ said...

As I posted.....I believe that Miles was that little baby boy from this years first episode (the scientist from Dharma's son) So it would make sense that he had been there before.

I am squealing with delight because I love LOST so much! YIPEE!!!

Heather J. said...

I was a bit disappointed with this episode myself. Predictable is (unfortunately) a good word. But I loved Sawyer's line when he was in the boat and time skipped again - that was great!

Jenny Girl said...

I Agree it was a bit disappointing and yes, predictable.
Jin and the French should make for good episodes. Danielle was so pretty.

Anonymous said...

not funny about the Juliet nose bleed :-)