Friday, February 20, 2009


I immediately thought of John 3:16 when I saw the title of this episode. After watching it I can see that the scripture may have indeed been the reference intended. I'm not sure I'm comfortable with John Locke being set up as a Jesus figure, though. Here are my thoughts on the show:

Let me get this straight: Christian substitutes for Jacob and John substitutes for Christian? Weird triangle there. Also, I assume that Hugo has a guitar case on the plane to make up for Charlie not being there and Sayid is in handcuffs with an armed escort to make up for the fact that Kate is now free. But why is Ben there? He doesn't fit in at all. Of course maybe he didn't get off of the Ajira jet either.

Interesting that Lapidis is back....although I'm not sure that I would have recognized him without hearing his name first. He looked SO different without his beard and long scruffy hair. I hope he is happy that he finally gets his chance to fly a doomed aircraft...although things didn't turn out too well for the first pilot.

I found it telling that Hurley was the only one concerned about keeping other people off of the plane that he was pretty sure would crash. Jack worried about them but only after they were already on the plane. Of course, Ben didn't care.

Which leads me to the stupidest line of the night: Jack asking Mrs. Hawking about Ben, "Is he telling the truth?"

And the dumbest statement of the night: Mrs. Hawking telling everyone, "I apologize if this is confusing."

So, is the "very clever fellow" Mrs. Hawking refers to, Daniel Farraday? And was it just me or was Eloise completely unsurprised and unconcerned that her son was on the island and in danger?

So why did Ben lie about his mother? Or was it jsut a figure of speech/a joke? And what in the world happened to him? My theory is that he somehow got Sayid arrested and deported to Guam while simultaneously busting Hurley out of jail. That would be impossible for most people but Ben could do it with one hand tied behind his back.

The biggest mystery of the night has to be what happened to Aaron and why did Kate let him go? I'm pretty sure he is with Claire's mom, but you never know.

Note to Jack: Getting your Sunday School lessons from Ben is probably not a good idea.

Note to ABC: Please make the entire show and scenes from next week fit within the 64 minute window that Tivo and DVR standardly record. It is REALLY disappointing to miss the last few seconds every week.

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Anonymous said...

you mean the biggest mystery of the night is "Are Juliet and Sawyer" still getting nosebleeds??? Talk about leaving us hanging.