Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Battle of the Sexes

Last night as Kinley hugged me before bed she said, "Ahhhh, my Mommy," just like she always does. But instead of saying my line, "Ahhhh, my Kinley, " I teased her and said, "I'm not Mommy. I'm Daddy." That really got her going.

She giggled and playfully argued with me for a few seconds about the fact that I really was "Mommy". Finally she switched tactics and said,

K: You Mommy. You a gur. (girl)

M: That's right, I'm a girl.

K: And me a gur.

M: Ok, we can be girls together.

At this point she stooped over, put her hands on her knees and kind of gave a little moan. Then she said with a sigh,

"My back hurts."

Because that's what girls say around here.

I about threw my back out laughing.

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