Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Better Late Than Never

Brian and I finally had time to celebrate Valentine's Day this weekend. Things were just way too busy for us to have our traditional gourmet meal and movie at home on the actual holiday so we had to postpone it a week.

Of course the kids could not imagine a Valentine's Day without their traditional "love" breakfast (even though Grandma had brought them Krispy Kremes). So we did manage to get the heartshaped pancakes and strawberry milk made and the hand-made cards delivered on Feb. 14th before we had to leave for all of our other activities. (Credit goes to Brian for the creative plating.)

For our celebration Brian grilled New York Strip Steak, while I made Ultimate Twice Baked Potatoes, green beans in Browned Butter Balsamic Sauce, and homemade whole wheat rolls. We drank some sparkling grape juice that has been aging in our cabinet for over a year and then used my brand new blow torch to finish off some beautiful Creme Brulee for dessert.

It was a DELICIOUS meal and we were thoroughly stuffed. I had to buy the steaks for about $10 and a bottle of balsamic vinegar for about $3.50, but other than that I had everything I needed on hand. The kids were upstairs watching a movie (they ate fish sticks earlier) so we didn't need a babysitter, and we rented the movie for $1.50. $15 for a Valentine's celebration is not bad.

Of course we ate at our seldom used dining room table by candlelight and used the china and crystal that only sees the light of day two or three times a year. After dinner we watched a movie and I gave Brian his gift.....a homemade giant chocolate kiss filled with his favorite flavor of all time.....Oreo. (Look for step-by-step directions for making the Kiss right here on my blog next Tuesday).

I almost like celebrating like this better than going out.

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Liz said...

Yeay for torching!!! ;-)