Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Recycling Baby

I guess all of my reducing, reusing and recycling efforts over the past year have really made an impact on my kids.

Not long ago I turned on the faucet to fill a big soup pan that was sitting down in the sink. I then left the room for a minute. It wasn't long before I heard Cainan shout, "Who's wasting water?!"

Not two days later I was watching as Kinley played with one of her dolls. She put the doll in her high chair then got out some play food and started to feed her. She picked up a little pretend box of corn flakes, dumped them in the doll's bowl then marched right over to the closet, opened the door and threw the box into the cardboard recycling bin.

It makes a mommy proud.

And on that note, if you would like to have your very own reusable Target shopping bag go here for details.

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