Thursday, November 6, 2008

Happy Birthday X 2

With a birthday right between Halloween and Election Day what is a 9 year old boy to do?

How about have a Chocolate Truffle Cheesecake with a vote on top for which costume he should dress up in for the party? Ingenious.

Yes, Ryker's party guests had to vote (there were ballots next to the cake) for whether he should wear his Iron Man or Indiana Jones costume during the party.

He always dresses in costsumes for his parties...I guess because they are usually the day after Halloween. But this year he was conflicted about just which super hero (oh yes, in our house Indiana Jones is a super hero) he should be.

When the votes came in Indy won by just one vote, but being the kind kid that he is he wore both costumes during the night so that no one would be too disappointed.

Yes, I know. You are thinking that Ryker had a fresh pumpkin pie for his birthday. That's true. He had two parties. One with my side of the family and one with Brian's side of the family. It is just too many people to have all at once.

My side got to vote and eat Chocolate Truffle Cheesecake (Ryker's special request) after a weiner roast. And Brian's side got to have fresh pumpkin pie and make homemade pizzas (again Ryker's special request). They were not treated to any costumes however, except for Cainan's appearances as Batman and Optimus Prime...but that is such a regular occurence that I'm not sure anyone even notices any more. I know I don't.

It was a fun, but crazy party weekend that left my house trashed and Ryker praying, "Thank you for all of my presents, even though I know that's not what's really important. Thank you that my family was with me."

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