Friday, August 1, 2008

Save on Air Conditioning

Electric bills can be especially high during the summer months when we are all trying to keep cool with our air conditioners. We try to keep ours turned off as much as possible and set on 78 or so when we do have it on. One of the things that keeps us cool and keeps our electric bills down is our attic fan.

An attic fan, or whole house fan, is simply a giant fan that can be installed in the ceiling of your home. It pulls air in from the outside and blows it up into your attic, creating a constant breeze through your home. They work really well when the temperatures are moderate. Of course they don't do anything to combat humidity, but if you get a good enough breeze going it feels pretty good.

Anytime it gets below 80 degrees we turn the air off and turn on the attic fan. We only open the windows in the rooms where we will be so that the breeze is all coming in through those rooms. When we go to bed we only open the windows in our bedrooms to concentrate the cool air there.

Our attic fan has definitely helped us keep our electric bills down.

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Audra Krell said...

That sounds really great Crystal, anything to reduce AC bills! I love your blog banner, totally creative and really hilarious!