Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Long Live DVR

How did we live without the ability to record live TV?

I've filled my DVR twice (25 hours X 2) trying to keep up with the Olympics while being in Mexico and our family reunion weekend. Do you know how many VCR tapes that would have been? Not to mention all of the time wasted waiting for them to rewind and fast forward.

There is no way I could have caught all of the equestrian and synchronized swimming on Oxygen and the triathalon and weight lifting on MSNBC while watching the late night coverage of the track and field heats from the previous night without my DVR. Plus, my reality TV shows are still airing new episodes despite the Olympics (if you can believe it) so I have to tape them overnight too.

DVR definitely works for me...BIG TIME.

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Jill W said...

I have 1 DVR and 2 Tivo's. I don't know how we watched TV before. If we go to a hotel, we can't just pause the TV to make a comment! Plus I can go to the gym after work & catch up on my shows on the weekend...a lifesaver...