Saturday, August 23, 2008

Four Questions

#1 Why isn't golf an Olympic sport?

(I'm not saying it should be. I don't like golf and I wouldn't watch it even if it was an Olympic sport...but if badminton is an Olympic sport....I'm just saying. It seems to have worldwide appeal and I'm sure most cities already have a big golf course where the tournament could be played. Just a thought.)*

#2 Where is Michael Phelps' dad?

(Is he dead? I don't think so. Is he totally estranged from his son? Maybe. Is he totally oblivious as to what is going on in Beijing? He can't be that dumb. Has the media just not succeeded in finding him, be it at home or abroad? No chance. Is he like Ashley Judd's dad...just hanging out behind the scenes as an unseen supporter? Could be.)**

#3 What happened to the one armed giant swing in men's high bar?

(Did I miss it or was Igor Cassina, the Italian gymnast, the only one who did a one armed giant swing? That used to be a standard in Olympic highbar routines. I'm sad to see it disappear. It must not carry enough of a difficulty rating.)***

#4 Why is Australia the only team that does not use the colors of their flag as their team colors?

(Where do they get the yellow and blue...which at times is yellow and green or yellow and turquoise? Why don't they use red, white and blue like half of the other teams on the planet? Are they thumbing their noses at the British in their refusal to acknowledge their flag? Are they just making a fashion statement? Are yellow and blue the national colors of

* I know it shocks some of you...but I don't watch EVERY Olympic sport. I don't do basketball, tennis, soccer, field hockey, handball or badminton. Golf would fall on this list too if it were ever instated as a sport.

**Yahoo actually did an article on this after I wrote this post. You can read about it HERE. No real answers exaclty, though.

***On a similar note I was sad to see that the big flying scissor legs were not very prevalent on the pommel horse (except for the American) or floor routine for the men. I've also always thought that a woman that could do a few spins of those on floor would be a show stopper. Maybe next time in the gala someone should try that. BTW...the gala was a let down. The ice skating exhibitions are always so great and entertaining. The gymansts could learn a lot from them.

****I must admit that I did not recognize this disparity. Brian noticed it and brought it to my attention. Now I'm really wondering about it. I applaud them for being unique. Maybe the Germans should try some random colors too. That black, orange and yellow is really not becoming on most people.

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