Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Birthday un-Cake

Cainan is 6 years old today. Actually he has been 6 for several hours now, since he was born just a few minutes after midnight.

His first of two parties is today and he wanted an Iron Man birthday party. (Well, that's what he wanted this week. Who knows what he'll want by the time the next party rolls around next weekend.)

Here is the problem. We don't like cake. Oh, it's ok, but it isn't our favorite dessert. We always end up throwing away the leftovers. We never eat it. So I've had to get creative with birthday celebrations.

I usually go with cheesecake (my favorite) or rice krispie treats (his favorite). This year I combined the two.

The only thing that is cake in this whole production is the bunch of yellow stars that look like lollipops. They are actually a new invention I am trying called Cake Pops. I stumbled across the recipe on Bakerella and I've been dying to try them.*

The "cake" is made of rice krispies and covered in candy melts. The boulders are cheesecake balls covered in chocolate and the stars are a yummy mixture of cake and cream cheese frosting covered in candy melts. (The Iron Man and Iron Monger figures are actual toys.)

I had a lot of fun making the "cake" and I think Cainan loves it. Anything that combines battling superheroes and cake, candy and marshmallows has to be good, right?

*Next Friday is Kinley's birthday. I'll save her special un-cake pics for then. Stay tuned.


Deena said...

very nice

CZ said...

My mom used to make me jello jigglers cake because I didn't like cake growing up.
It looks delicious!