Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Persecuted Church

One of the blogs that I read pretty faithfully is "We Are THAT Family". Kristin shares stories from her normal, crazy life. This is one of my favorites and here is another one. She is an amazing writer. I laugh out loud almost every time I read one of her entries.

Until today. Today I cried.

She has recently met (right in her home town) some refugees from Uzbekistan that were forced to flee their home and families because they were sharing the gospel. As they share their story with her, she is sharing it with us on her blog.

I would really encourage you to read the amazing story of this family and their faith. It sounds like something from 1950s Russia, but it happened just a year or two ago. There is also information on the blog about how to monetarily support this family and the work they are still trying to accomplish in their country even from thousands of miles away.

To read Part One of the series go HERE.
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To read Part Four of the series go HERE.

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We are THAT Family said...

Thank you so much for sharing this story with your readers. I know that God is going to meet their needs, thank you for being a part of something really good!