Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Blogging Again

I finally have time to pay attention to my blog again. I've been super busy and something had to give. Here is what you missed while I was away.

Cainan (and the rest of the class) changed seats and he is now at the yellow table instead of the green table. This is big news.

I found 16 cents and four rocks in the dryer.

Kinley has had 5 different babysitters over the last week.

We haven't been in bed before midnight in 10 days.
Ryker got an A on his first ever written report.

Brian worked after school and weekends (with kids in tow) to finish installing all of the SmartBoards and projectors at the school.

I rehearsed and performed my community theatre play, Blithe Spirit, 9 times last week.

See why I couldn't post anything?


Christina M said...

Hey, if you ever need a babysitter I am available most weekends and it wouldn't be too far for me to drive to your house (I am at SIUE pretty often and it is really close by). Plus, I would totally watch the kids for free. It would be fun just to spend time with Ryker, Cainan and Kinley! I miss seeing all of you. Hope you have a great week!

Deena said...

I'm going to have to say, white is just NOT your color. You look almost purple. lol I am assuming that you do not play a living person in the production??

Jill said...

Glad Cainan loves school and all its wonders.

Is Kinley glad to be back to the regular routine or does she like the variety?

Congrats to Ryker!

Brian is a great husband and dad.

You look really pretty in that picture (albeit, slightly purple, as mentioned below).