Monday, September 8, 2008


Cainan has taught Kinley how to meditate.

Not in a sit-very-quietly-and-think way, but more in a sit-indian-style-with-your-hands-out-stretched-and-your-fingers-making-an-"o"-shape-while-you-hum-"oooooohm".

I have no idea where he learned that (SpongeBob is my number one suspect though) or why he does it so often that Kinley picked it up, but it is totally hilarious.

Note: Since I orginally wrote this post I have been informed of two things.

#1: "Indian style is no longer an appropriate term. Now (according to Ryker and Cainan's teachers) we are required to call it "pretzel style" or "criss cross applesauce sitting".

#2: Cainan learned to meditate not from SpongeBob but from Paige...our neighbor girl and authority in all things, according to the boys, by virtue of the fact that she is older.

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Deena said...

Where in the world did "criss cross applesauce" come from?? I've heard it said, and yes, used it myself. I just don't get it.