Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Happily Ever After

Thoughts while I watched:

You'd think a guy like Whidmore could get better help than this Zoe chick. She seems completely incompetent.

Now I know the world is turned upside down. Whidmore and Desmond are buddies!!

And....Charlie and Desmond are together again. Yay!

Maybe not. Whoa! Didn't see that car crash coming. Too weird.

I really wish Charlie had some hair.

Mrs. Whidmore is.....Eloise, of course. (Guessed that one.) And she's still just as mysterious as always.

Kinda figured Daniel was Whidmore's son too. Still love him as much as ever.

Desmond meets Penny on the stairs where he met Jack. Cool!

So now Desmond thinks he's there to undo what Daniel did when he set off the bomb?

Is Desmond's nose going to start bleeding again now?

Oh no, now Desmonds going to "show" everyone why they aren't living their real lives? How many times do these poor people have to be harassed into going back to this island?

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