Thursday, April 1, 2010

Down on the Farm

Well, we've officially lost our minds. We've invested in livestock. We've started "farming".

For a couple of years now Brian and Ryker have wanted to try raising chickens. We've always decided against it for one reason or another (no good pen, the dog will eat them, too much work, we have no idea how to raise chickens, etc.) but this time I guess the temptation was just too strong.

The kids were all gone for the weekend when Brian and I went in to the local farm store. We saw all those cute little baby chicks and decided it would be the best surprise ever for the kids if they came home and found the little guys all snuggled up in our garage. We finally decided to bite the bullet and buy them when we saw the price, 5o cents. We got seven. So even if we accidentally kill them all off in the first week we'd only be out $3.5o. Why not?

We were right. The kids were thrilled and really surprised. They absolutely love them and they actually argue over who gets to feed them and clean their box and give them their water. We've enjoyed watching them grow over the last week and we are eagerly awaiting our first batch of fresh eggs, due to be layed sometime in August or September.

So far they all seem healthy and happy. They are all eating and drinking and pooping as they should be. We might just keep them all alive after all. And the dog? Well, he could care less that they are around. He doesn't even give them a second glance. Of course they are living in a box right now, that might change when they are running around outside all day. He is a border collie after all, so I'm not sure how long he'll be able to repress is chasing instinct. That remains to be seen.

So, I would like to introduce you to the newest addition to our family. The chicks.....

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