Wednesday, February 10, 2010

What Kate Does

My observations on last night's episode of LOST:

I think we all know how Kate plans to "make Sawyer stay" in the other Other's compound.....

Wow, housing Jacob's spirit is not an easy job. Ouch!

So far it appears as if everything that happened on the island will now happen in a similar way in this alternate universe where they are all living now that the plane didn't crash. Claire won't give up her baby and Ethan will be her obstetrician. Kate will run around with a gun. I assume Artz will soon die in a fiery crash of some kind.

Whoa....Claire has really gone downhill since last we saw her.


Now that Jack doesn't work for Dharma anymore can he get rid of that ridiculous side part in his hair? Please!!!!

Best line of the night:

Hurley, "You're not a zombie, right?"

Next week:

I'm happy to see that we will be seeing more of Locke. Can't wait to hear his "explanation".


kisatrtle said...

Terry O'Quinn is a wonderful actor. His portrayal of Flocke while also performing Locke have been mindblowing.

I think an emmy is in his future. My recap is up if you want to stop over.

Crystal said...

Your recap cracked me up!!!

Jill said...

You still think Jacob is in Sayid? Why would Jacob's disciples be all upset about that and want to poison him? I think the whole temple plot is moving super slowly. "Get on with it already," I say.

It's Sawyer's hair that drives me crazy. If you can't wash it, cut it!