Thursday, February 4, 2010

LOST: The Final Season

It's that time again. The greatest television drama ever written is back for its final season. That means I'll be watching with tense shoulders and sweaty palms every Tuesday night and spouting my theories and observations here every Wednesday morning.

This week I'm a little behind because I DROVE 946 MILES TO COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO (AND BACK) FOR A LOST PREMIER PARTY and I just got home and had time to blog about it. More about the party tomorrow but for now here are my thoughts on the show.

Jacob now inhabits Sayid's body.

Smoke Monster/Man in Black inhabits Locke's body.

Ben has no idea what is going on and is utterly confused and demoralized.....and that makes me SO happy.

Juliette really is dead.

My Predictions:

In the end time will go back to a point before flight 815 crashed and everything will be reset. The inhabitants of the island will be able to choose what point in time they want to return to. Each will be able to correct, or avoid making their biggest mistakes. (The current situation with the plane landing in LAX may be a flashforward to that time instead of a co-existing alternate reality.)

Ilana is going to play a big role this is Claire.

Richard was one of the slave rowers on the Black Rock (hence the "nice to see you without your chains" comment by Smoke Man).

Sawyer is not going to be nice anymore.

Sawyer and Juliette will meet up for coffee and "go Dutch". (Remember, nothing is ever said on this show that doesn't have meaning.)

That's all I've got for now. Of course all of this will change next week when half of what I thought is blown out of the water by new information, but that's just the way it goes. Tomorrow I'll post pics of our Flight 815 LOST Premier Party. You'll all be jealous. Just wait and see.

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