Thursday, January 7, 2010

Snow Day

Ah....the first snow day of the school year. A day of briefly using the whole fam to de-clutter the house and then sitting around doing nothing while the kids play. Well, not exactly nothing. I got to sit and read all of my favorite blogs.

Our DSL has been messed up for a month or so and it kicks us off every 5 minutes so reading blogs is so infuriating that it isn't even worth it. But today magically it has been working for hours. Maybe it likes snow as much as I do. I don't know, but I do know that I've missed all my bloggy friends.

I've found 10 new recipes, 3 new craft ideas, and 1 great joke today. I've also watched all 6 LOST previews and caught up with antics of my young nieces and nephews far away. What seems like a waste of time has really been a very productive morning....well, for a snow day anyway.

I had time to read the blogs because I finished my book last night. Gasp! I had nothing to read today. I was unmotivated to go to the library but when Brian decided to brave the weather and go get some milk (apparently we were the only people in town that didn't go get a gallon yesterday) I charged him with bringing me home some reading material. Boy, did he.

He brought me a biography of Teddy Roosevelt entitled "Wilderness Warrior". An 817 page biography of ole Teddy. Wow. I'm looking forward to starting it. Here's hoping I'm not looking forward to ending it 10 minutes later. I'll keep you posted.

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