Wednesday, December 10, 2008

And the Winner Is......

Hands down, the winner of the worst Christmas present ever is Janelle from At Home with My Monkeys.

She wrote:'s a REALLY bad Christmas gift!!! After the birth of my first child, my mother decided to give me a LOVELY Christmas gift - a gift certificate to the local hemmorhoid treatment center!!! Can you even imagine opening that in front of the family??

Now don't you think she deserves to win??

Honorable mention, and my sympathies, (but sadly no prizes) go to:

Estermay who received a 2007 calendar on Dec. 25th, 2007,

Betsy who received a package of light bulbs from her brother-in-law,

and finally to

Amydeanne who received a big ol' block of swiss cheese.

Thanks for playing everyone and Merry Christmas!!

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