Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Just Joking

I can remember coming home from school and telling my dad this great new joke I had just heard. His response was always same, “Oh, Crystal, they were telling that joke when I was in (fill-in-the-grade).” Of course it was true. Kids have been telling the same versions of the same old jokes for decades now. And, as things always do, these jokes have come full circle. Tonight Ryker wanted to tell me two jokes he just learned. The first one wasn’t really a joke unless you had actually seen the picture where the little boy is looking at a baseball bat when he says, “I didn’t know bats could fly.” Once Ryker explained this to me I gave the mandatory chuckle and said, “Well, did you ever see a housefly?” He said, “No, why?” I had to explain that my joke was referring to the insect not the building, at which point he gave the mandatory chuckle and proceeded to tell his second joke.
R: I bet I can make you say the word ‘brown’.
C: OK.
R: What are the colors of the flag?
C: Red, white and blue.
R: I told you I could make you say blue.
(I realize that most of you reading this, except maybe Jill, sorry, have already guessed the punch line and remaining dialogue, but I did not. I simply assumed that he had the joke messed up…not that he isn’t a great joke teller as you can see from the previous example.)
C: No you didn’t.
R: Yes I did.
C: You said you would make me say brown.
R: (fits of laughter)
C: Oh, I get it. (fits of laughter) That was a good one!!
The sad part is that they probably were telling that joke 25 years ago (yikes!) when I was in 2nd grade and I probably fell for it then too.

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Deena said...

My daughter was telling the "banana" knock knock joke. You can see it on my blog, "Dances With Monkeys"