Thursday, October 25, 2007

Spelling Words

Every Thursday in 2nd grade there is a spelling test. There are 10 regular words (i.e. wore, shore, short, learn, bare, care, corn) and 6 bonus words (i.e. different, president, leaned, promise). We study every Thursday morning as we eat breakfast and it has obviously paid off because at the end of the first quarter Ryker had 103% in Spelling. But that is just the score for the words he was tested over. Ryker studies a slightly different set of spelling words than the rest of the kids in the class.

For some reason Cainan loves the whole idea of spelling, so he challenges Ryker with his own special spelling list. We have to take turns quizzing Ryker. I give him the words off of the list and Cainan gives him whatever comes to mind, usually objects he sees around the house. So, Ryker can also spell candle, doorknob, light bulb (or light bob as Cainan says), iced tea, cereal, stop sign, milk, Honey Combs and stove. If Cainan ever comes up with something that Ryker has no idea how to spell, like refrigerator, Ryker usually suggests an alternate word, like tree. Cainan usually goes along with that. Of course Cainan has no idea if he gets the words right or not but he sure loves the testing process and Ryker gets a little extra brain workout. It’s a win win situation.

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