Thursday, September 20, 2007


This summer the kids got the game Cranium Kadoo and they just love it. It is a really fun kid version of the original Cranium. One of their favorite parts of the game is using the modeling clay to make objects that the other person must guess. The last time we played Cainan drew the Sculptorades card and I read the clue aloud to him, “baseball”. (Ok, I admit it actually said “baseball cap” but I didn’t think he could make that.) So we started the timer and I whispered to Cainan that he should roll the clay into a ball. The problem was that the clay was so hard (it was a hand-me-down game) that he could barely mold it. Finally he got it into a ball and held it out to show Ryker. Of course there are any number of things that can be represented by a slightly irregular sphere of hard purple modeling clay so Ryker didn’t even come close to guessing that it was a baseball. I told Cainan he would have to act out what you do with a baseball to give Ryker an extra clue. From approx. 20 inches away he rares back and throws the “baseball” as hard as he can. It hits Ryker right between the eyes and he falls back onto the floor. I was too busy laughing to make sure that he was OK, but he soon sat back up and rubbing his head made his guess, “Goliath?”

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