Friday, September 21, 2007

Happy, Happy Birthday, Baby!

Kinley turned one on July 24th. We celebrated jointly with Cainan at the beach at the lake over the weekend, but on her actual birthday we gave her her very own special little birthday cake. At first she wouldn’t touch it, she would just lean down and try to lick or bite off pieces of the icing. After she realized how delicious it was she really started to dig into it and by the end she had thoroughly smeared herself with icing.

She got quite a few clothes and some new toys, but as far as we can tell her two favorite presents have been her shopping cart and her yellow CareBear. She is such a girly girl (thank goodness). She loves to drive around her shopping cart then take the bear out and give him a kiss and put him back in and continue on her way.

It is hard to believe that my baby is one year old already. It seems like just yesterday that she was born (in an un-air conditioned hospital with no anesthesia and no doctor after only 17mins. of labor). This first year has been unbelievably fun with her and we all enjoy having a little girl around sooooo much.

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