Thursday, September 20, 2007

If You Give a Baby a Patty

We have a set of 4 round cork coasters that sit on our end tables in the living room. We occasionally use them for their designated purpose but more often than not they are missing because the boys are using them. The coasters are usually playing the vital role of Crabby Patties. The boys love to get spatulas out of the kitchen, use the ottoman as a grill, and cook their patties. They flip them and serve them up while quoting lines from their favorite SpongeBob episodes. Recently I realized that Kinley is getting in on the act too. I was busy in the office when I heard Cainan yelling, “She’s got the patties, she’s got the patties.” I ran in to the living room to find Kinley taking a big bite (literally) out of the cork coaster and smiling like she had just cured cancer. He did cook it and serve it to her so what did he expect?

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