Thursday, January 31, 2008

A Pathetic Plea for Needless Sympathy

Brian is a great dad. He loves the kids and enjoys spending time with them. He never hesitates to watch them, play with them, kiss them, etc. He, like most dads of our generation, has an equal hand in their care and upbringing. He is perfectly capable of taking care of them as well as I can, if not better. (Kinley's hair stlying is his only weakness.) So, it is no big deal for him to take all three kids with him to the grocery store to do the shopping once a least no bigger deal than it would be for me to take all 3 kids to the grocery store. But apparently that is not how the rest of the world views it.

Brian has found the cash cow of fatherhood...take all three kids somewhere by yourself. He asks to go do the grocery shopping now with the kids because he gets all kinds of special treatment. People in Wal-Mart are letting him go in front of them in line (it probably helps that Kinley is almost always throwing a fit), the old women in Aldi are giving him free bags and shopping carts, people are carrying things for him and telling him what a great parent he is!!! Have any of these things ever happened to me when I've been out with all 3 kids? No, of course not! People assume a mother can deal with it all with no problem, but they spot a male buying a loaf of bread and package of string cheese with a baby in his cart and they're offering to run his car through the nearest wash while he checks out! It's crazy!

Of course Brian finds it hilarious. Just last weekend he came home with 2 free Aldi bags...the spoils of his most recent trip. I'm not complaining that he wants to take the kids and do the shopping, don't get me wrong. I'm just saying people have it all wrong if they think he is this poor pitiful man that can barely function in the real world and take care of his children at the same time. He has the world fooled...but it's working pretty well for him, and me too, for that matter.

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Jill said...

Very funny! (Even the second time around.)