Friday, December 14, 2007

Hail to the Chief!

Apparently our trip to Mt. Rushmore this summer really had an impact on the kids. The following conversations took place in our house this week.

Ryker: OK, let’s play. I’ll be George Washington.

Cainan: No, I want to be George Washington.

R: Well, I called it first!

C: Fine! Then I’ll be Teddy Roosevelt.

R: Here's your moustache. (places imaginary moustache on Cainan’s upper lip).

Ryker: What’s the guy’s name that shot Abraham Lincoln?

Mom: John Wilkes Booth.

R: Is that the same guy that shot Martin Luther King Jr.?

M: No.

R: Who shot MLK Jr.?

M: Ummmmm. I can’t remember. John Henkley Jr.? No, that was that guy that shot Reagan. I don’t know.

R: I guess I’ll have to ask Daddy. He’ll know. Maybe it was the same guy.

M: No, it couldn’t be the same guy. MLK Jr. was shot in like 1967 and Abraham Lincoln was shot 100 years before that.

Cainan: Yep. Then they stuffed him in those rocks.

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