Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Angel Tree

We have an Angel Tree in the foyer of our church. Last Sunday Ryker and Cainan asked what it was and why there were toys piled all around it. I told them that it was for people to give toys to kids that don't have any.

Then this Sunday Ryker asked, "Why do those angels say "Girl, 7" and stuff like that on them?" I said, "Well if you get one that says 'Boy, 7' that means you buy a gift for a boy that is seven years old and doesn't have any toys." Then Cainan had to start in with the 20 questions, of course. Does the seven year old have a house? A couch? A light? I assured him that he probably had a home but just not very many toys.

Monday morning we were in at the church and Kinley and Cainan were playing around while I did some painting on the set for my Christmas program. Suddenly Cainan came running up and said, "Kinley is out there playing with that seven-year-old-boy-that-doesn't-have-any-presents-for-Christmas' toy!"

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