Saturday, July 28, 2007

Nuts and Seeds

My boys do not like nuts, never have, probably because their father doesn’t like nuts…except for pecans, which he says don’t count. So I was surprised that they were all excited about going to the restaurant where their Aunt Alyssa works. She had been telling them about all of the free peanuts and that you can just throw the shells on the floor. They couldn’t wait to go. They’ve never eaten a peanut in their lives so I wasn’t sure what the attraction was, but oh well. Once we got to our table I suddenly understood. Cainan grabbed a whole handful of peanuts from the bucket and threw them back over his shoulder. They clattered to the floor, scattering everywhere, and landed on the diners behind us. When I jumped up to scold him he said, “But Alyssa said you can throw them on the floor!”

Sunflower seeds were another new one for Cainan. He had never tried them before but when his little friend, Daniel, had some at the baseball game Cainan decided to give them a shot. Next thing I know Daniel’s mom is laughing and trying to explain to Cainan that he is supposed to spit the hulls out. He was chewing them up, swallowing them whole…and enjoying them very much.

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