Saturday, July 28, 2007

The Wedding

Brian and I have been attending First Christian Church in Greenville since 1995, but we just went to our first wedding there. When we moved there all of the friends we made were already married so we weren’t really ever invited to any weddings. Now though, Brian’s students and kids that we have watched grow up are starting to get married so we are getting invited to a few. We enjoyed the wedding and are very happy for Corey and Alaina. During the ceremony Cainan turned to me and said, “Do you think you’ll ever get married, Mommy?” I explained that I had gotten married a long time ago before he was born. That satisfied him and he went back to playing in the pew.

But that really isn’t the story I’m telling today. You see we have had a very hectic time recently and I did not have a gift for the happy couple. I sent Brian out to Value City between the wedding and reception to pick up something. We usually get all newlyweds a set of lawn chairs…I don’t know why, they’re just useful. Anyway, Brian comes back and tells me that Value City didn’t have any lawn chairs so he got them a lamp. Yes, you read correctly…a lamp. He then goes on to describe it as “silver with 3 white globes coming out of the top”. By this point it was too late to worry about it so I just let it go. Then he tells me that he bought some wrapping paper for it because they didn’t have any gift bags big enough. We were already in the reception and I was on my way to Saturday night service to run the power point so I found some tape and scissors for him and he went out to the car to wrap it. (FYI: Brian is a horrible wrapper.) I pretty much forgot about it after that until a few hours later when I was unloading the car and found the roll of wrapping paper. This is a small sample:
He claims it was in the ‘wedding section’. So Corey and Alaina, this is my apology to you. Sorry that we got you some sort of crazy lamp wrapped in poodle paper by a science nerd. Please take it back!!!!

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C.W.Nicolaides said...

Haha! WE NEEDED A LAMP! ... dont tell Brian (wouldn't want to boost his ego with his shopping ability). The paper made us laugh, and this gift stood out most in the stack. For whatever reason, we dont have any lamps in our house... well, there are some but they all belong to Mike. Since I'm kicking him out we wouldn't have had any lamps.... soooo... worked out fine.

Thanks guys!

Corey and Alaina