Monday, December 11, 2006

Cainan Speak

Cainan is at that cute age where he says all kinds of funny things. He also has a lot of very entertaining pronunciations of words. Here are a few samples...





He also makes us laugh all of the time with these crazy phrases that he comes up with. One of his favorites is, "Speaking of.." Of course you don't really have to be speaking of anything for him to mention it. For example we may be having a conversation about corn and he will say, "Speaking of trains...lets play 'I Spy'!" Here are a few other Cainan quotes.

After beating me in a race, "Hurry up you slow coach!" (Obviously he has spent too much time watching British television, Thomas the Tank Engine in particular.)

One morning he came downstairs and announced, "I got some good sleep-eye last night!"

Today he wanted to play with his trains in my soapy dish water. I told him he had to wait until I was finished with the dishes but he was getting impatient and whiny so I said, "Hold your horses." He replied, "You mean trains."

But my favorite quote of all came in a conversation with Ryker one afternoon as they were playing sword fight. Ryker had just watched the movie The Princess Bride and wanted Cainan to re-enact a sword dual from the movie with him, complete with the correct dialogue. Ryker told Cainan his line, "There is something you should know. I am not left-handed either.", but this is what Cainan actually said in the course of the battle...

Ryker: There is something you should know. I am not left-handed.

Cainan: There is something you should know. I don't have any hands.