Friday, December 16, 2011

T-Shirts Everywhere!

Ryker is sentimental. He never wants to get rid of anything. Everything has special meaning to him...even t-shirts that are too small.

You know the t-shirts kids get at every sports camp, church camp, little league team, church program, and every other event in between? Yeah, he wants to keep them all. Forever.

He also thinks he can wear them. Forever.

He doesn't want me to pass them down to Cainan, or sell them at a yard sale, or give them away to needy children. I refuse to let him wear them anymore and I can't stand to have them piling up in the closet. Forever.


The T-Shirt Quilt

12 shirts, two yards of wide fabric for the strips in between and the backing, a roll of batting and some quilt binding. Tah-dah!

I think he'll either be super excited that he can keep his favorite shirts forever OR he'll be devastated that I cut them up. We'll see what happens on Christmas morning.

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