Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Tank

Every year the kindergarten classes at Greenville Elementary have a transportation show. Each kindergartner makes some kind of vehicle out of cardboard for the show.

When Ryker was in Kindergarten he (I) made a stage coach that he and his stick horse pulled around the gym for the show. Not to be out done, Cainan chose to make an army tank this spring. (Which I must say was much easier to make than a stage coach.)
You can tell by the look on his face that he LOVED it and had a great time at the show. The problem is....he LOVED it.

He wore the tank around the house for a few days after that and wore it every time someone (like Granny) came over. He grew very attached to it. So attached to it that is sat in our closet and then in our garage for months.

But, Brian finally came up with a brilliant plan to convince Cainan to let us get rid of the tank. He let him set it on fire.
What 5 year old doesn't love fire?

R.I.P army tank. One more transportation show to go. Two more years to prepare for it.

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