Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Out of My Mind

You know how your mind works quicker than you can imagine? It seems like sometimes in a split second you can have hundreds of thoughts whiz by, grab the one you want and then voice it with almost no effort at all. When asked a question by a familiar looking stranger you can scroll through hundreds of faces in your mind, determine the person's first name, where you know them from and the answer to the question plus an interesting comment all in about the time it takes to blink. (On a good day, that is.) Anyway, I recently had one of those experiences where my mind was whirling through possibilities in the blink of an eye.

I met my sister at the Mills Mall for a day of shopping. When we finished I loaded up the packages and the kids and drove home. I then unloaded the kids, talked to Brian for a little bit and then went back out to get the packages. When I stepped into the driveway I was shocked to see that the passenger side of my car had a dent in it. On further inspection I noticed that there was white paint smeared in the dent and the front bumper was cracked down the middle and hanging down almost to the ground on the passenger side of the vehicle.

My first thought was, "Who came in our driveway and hit our car???!!!" Then, "Oh no, did I hit someone and I don't remember it?" And finally, "Somebody hit my car while it was parked at the mall and I didn't even notice!!" Unless I am having out of body experiences the latter must be true, but the funny thing is that I had all of those thoughts in about the span of time it takes for me to type a single "e". How is it that I can run through unlikely scenarios at the speed of light but it took me 5 minutes this morning to figure out if "possible" has one "s" in Spanish and in English or just in Spanish? Then Cainan asked me how many days until Christmas and it took me another 3 minutes to calculate that after wondering whether November had 30 or 31 days.
Maybe it is one of those things that doesn't work if you are really trying, maybe it has to be...what is the word, you know, it is kind of like spontaneous, but it is describing your muscles and stuff...oh yeah, involuntary.

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Kari said...

I totally know what you mean. It is amazing how the mind works or doesn't sometimes. I have had the same crazy "spelling thoughts," with French and English. Another thing that is weird, is when you ask a question, but before you can even say the whole question aloud the answer finally comes to your mind and you find yourself feeling silly (in your mind) that you even asked it, but act like you still don't know in real life so that it doesn't seem so weird. :) I did that just today in Wal-Mart. :)