Monday, June 11, 2007

Close Encounters

On his way to the neighbor's house to deliver an egg, Ryker came upon a deer. It was about 20 feet from him at the edge of the woods at the back of the yard. Ryker was so excited. He had to tell everyone he saw about it over the next few days. He even wanted to reenact the encounter for me. So we started off across the back yard. He positioned me where he was standing and he walked over to where the deer had been. Suddenly he jumped up and started high stepping it across the yard yelling, "Snake. Snake. Snake!" Pretending to be brave and fearless I suggested we go look at it. Neither one of the kids or the dog took me up on it but I marched over to take a look. It was a really big black snake and Ryker had practically been standing right on it. I said, "Wow. That is a big one. No wonder it scared you." Ryker replied, "Yeah, I"m still shaking. I feel just like a kid herpetolgist."

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