Tuesday, April 3, 2007


Ok...back to the day I had the joy, joy, joy, joy. Brian read my blog while he was at school. When he got home he told me that things were even worse than I had realized. Here is the back story. You see Ryker was learning square dancing at school and getting very into the cowboy thing. He had been running around the house all week wearing cowboy boots (that were falling apart), a cowboy hat and a bandana. I can't stand cowboy boots. I just think they are very unattractive...unless you really are a cowboy, or Kenny Chesney (duh!). So that afternoon the conversation went something like this:

Brian: Uh....well...Ryker wanted to wear his cowboy boots to school today and I let him.

Crystal: (completely mortified) Are you kidding? Why? Oh my goodness, no!

Brian: (laughing) It gets worse.

Crystal: Oh no, what?

Brian: When he got off the bus at the high school after school...he had his pant legs tucked into his boots.

Crystal: (gagging, hiding her face in shame, etc.) Aaaaagh! Did anyone see him?

Brian: (laughing hysterically) Oh, yeah.

Crystal: OH GROSS!

Brian: I know. Don't worry, I told him this was a one time thing.

Crystal: I wondered why he snuck in the house and up to his room without even saying "hi" to me.

Brian: Yeah, I told him to take them off before you could see them.

Luckily the square dancing performance was the end of the cowboy boots. The sole totally came off one of the boots and they had to be retired...how sad. :)

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